As with many things in life, a photographers skills enhance with time and dedication. That’s the exciting thing for me as a photographer. Seeing where I started, where I currently am and dreaming of how I can improve. I have spent the last 16 years slowly learning the craft and striving for excellence. In 2004 I had the privilege to photograph my first wedding shooting with a 35mm film camera. How times have changed. The digital world has certainly revolutionized photography, making it something accessible to almost everyone on earth. Thus posing the question, how do you compete with everyone? While cameras are in the hands of so many people, knowing how to create strong compositions and operate a camera in any circumstance still sets true photographers apart. I hope that my work will reflect my journey towards mastery and encourage you to pick a photographer you can be confidant will capture you well.


As far as some of my personals- I spend my days with my best friend (my wife) exploring the beautiful surroundings we live near and tapping into the vast array of adventure sports this area has to offer. When we need more of slow day we find good books to read or invite our friends over for board games. I love the fine arts and also dabble in film making, painting and design. Really, I love hanging out with people so if you want to get to know me better before booking or your just looking for new friend call me up and lets go grab a beer, coffee or board game.



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