Wedding Info

Do I receive all the images?


Yes! All edited images will be available at full restitution in a beautiful Online gallery where you can share, download or order prints from. All other images will be provided  as low-res files to you via a thumb drive or DVD.


What is your style?


My favorite photos are usually the less posed and more natural candid moments often found in photojournalism. I try to find the balance of some directing but also letting things just naturally happen.


Do you have liability insurance?



Do you do Pintrest or wedding shot lists?


No. I am very aware there are many creative ideas out there but my goal as a photographer is not to just copy the other guy or try to recreate something that may not even be realistic.


Do you shoot formal family portraits?


I will offer a small amount of time to capture a few group shots but I believe the most important shots are always of the bride and groom. This being said, I want to dedicate the most time possible to shooting them.